Friday 11 September 2009

Close encounter of a weird kind

Last night was unusual.

12: 15 a.m. Trying to get sleep after a long day trying to get my driving licence. A murmur of voices close by. i went over and looked outside the widow. Nothing. Returned to the warm bed and again trying to sleep.

A sudden thud followed by a door-banging sound. I was wide awake now. Again peeked outside to find nothing.

The banging became louder and then it was that everyone in our block were awake. A man was trying to run outside our block. We heard our neighbours screaming. The man had locked my neighbour's door from outside.

The man was caught. The security was summoned. The security was of no use. He chickened out. Our neighbour with all anger started beating the man. The man started babbling in a pleading tone in an unknown tongue. His tone was a sing-song one.

Police were called. The men from the nearby blocks came out. All of them were not able to restrain that lean man who spoke an unknown tongue. He tried to run away but was caught.

Till about 2: 45 am the police were standing in front of our block with the men who came out.

The man started singing in an unknown tongue. Police did not understand his language. The Bengali from B block, the Bihari from C block were summoned to decipher the language but of no avail.

The drama continued . . .

It was growing stale.

I went off to sleep but then morning was interesting as different people had various versions to the close encounter of a weird kind.


  1. Wow, this sounds really weird. So you are saying that people could not figure out what language he MAY have been speaking / singing? I mean, not even a vague clue?

  2. No. Not at all. Know what: there were five policemen but then in the morning we saw him loitering near the bus stop. Which means the police had let him go without any action. Reflects badly on our system.

  3. Now... any progress.. any idea who he was...??

    Strange.. you could go back to sleep with such super suspense!

  4. No progress Sameera. When nothing is happening, to sustain interest seems difficult so I went on to sleep.

  5. Haha! This happened to us once, we were kinda supposed to follow this patient thru to surgery but no one cud figure out what language he was jabbering away in, we tried bengali, bhojpuri, marwari everything..

    it later turned out the man cud only speak oriya..but it took us three days to understand what he was saying coz of that..

  6. Wow! Another person with a similar experience. Thats nice. This guy totally disappeared though. Lets wait and see.

  7. Weird, scary and amusing. :-)

    1. Thanks for coming by dear Jyothi. I am surprised that you found this post that I wrote a long time ago.

      Joy always :)



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