Sunday 5 July 2009

Repealing Section 377 - The Other Side

2nd July 2009 was a landmark day for the members of the LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders) group. The reason: Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which considered sex between same genders as unnatural, was repealed. The judgement was welcomed by different sections of the society - LGBT and others too. People thronged the streets in support of the verdict and the members who were deemed a minority based on their sexual preferences.

But little did I venture to think about another side which considered this verdict with a disdain. Reason: A coversation with one of my friends made me listen to the laments of the so called 'mainstream' heterosexual men. My friend went on to narrate his fear at being attacked openly by a gay. So long, this section of the population were quite sober and careful in their ways but after the act being repealed, the new found freedom would pave way for them to openly flirt and hit on men who were not 'gays.' Maybe they were sidelined down the ages but this verdict would cause the long supression to burst forth with a vengeance. My friend also went on to animatedly explain a few instances of being'approached' by gays.

Well, this was a totally different take on the issue of homosexuals. Many religious groups have expressed concern over the repealing of Section 377 but for the first time I came across an argument that spoke for the alpha heterosexual male who felt threatened and insecure about the law. Maybe the angst of my friend was a bit exaggerated but then it provided a new twist to the whole debate of sexuality. While talking about these issues we often take for granted that it is only religion which opposes deviant sexual practices but never thought about how the so called 'normal' man would react to the entire process.

Arguments and points of view are many about the scrapping of Section 377 and I have but presented only one in this entry. I am sure that there are others who might have reasons for or against this verdict by the High Court.

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  1. if your friend feels intimidated that a gay would flirt with him, then there should be a law to ban sex between opposite genders. That should surely curb rape in our country.



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