Wednesday 29 July 2009

Kinsey -- Unfolding the taboo word

Surfing channels is a nice way to kill time and criticise the trash doled out commented one great man. Well, sometimes doing that also makes us stumble upon some nice piece of work. This time it was the movie 'Kinsey.' As I was randomly switching channels, I saw this classroom scene in a channel devoted to movies. Any classroom scene gets me interested and this was from the movie 'Kinsey.' Its a 2004 release and the frequent use of a word albeit scientifically made me linger on and watch the movie. The word: SEX. It was interesting as I had previously heard about the Kinsey reports and their revolution in the United States of America. Well, this movie was a biography of Dr. Kinsey. A rather well knit movie where one could observe the personality of Kinsy and his methodical research on sex. His passion and commitment for the subject was brought out well in the movie.

The relationship between Kinsey and his wife, Mac, though cannot be categorised as 'ideal,' was complete in many aspects. The thin line between sex, love, emotions and feelings were brought about in a very nice manner. Not preachy or philosopical but the way it ought to be. While talking about sex, one generally blushes, shies, etc. but Dr. Kinsey was to the point: he treated it as science and nothing else. This was the attribute that made the film lovable despite the taboo subject. My wikipedia tells me that this was the only film permitted to show human genitalia uncensored in Japan. Hmmm.

Stripped of love, emotions and other aspects, sex remains only a biological need of the human animal. Often many factors like morality, convention and others attach a very high priced tag to sex. The movie scientifically adresses the topic and the actor who portrayed Alfred Kinsey, Liam Neeson did full justice to the role.

A movie that one can watch for learning, unlearning and relearning many things that have so conditioned our minds over and over the ages.

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