Tuesday 21 July 2009

Me, myself. The supreme 'I'

A lot of instances in the past week have left me ruminating about the way people like to place themselves at the centre of everything. I know I must be very specific in this context otherwise it can be slightly misleading. First: This entry is not about celebrating the supremacy of the self. Second: This entry is about considering oneself the most important and placing the self above everything else.

To be very precise, I am a person who firmly holds to the notion that only when one loves/admires herself, she is able to relate to others effectively. But there are also inviduals who take this principle rather literally and would like to assume that they are the centre of everything. Let me illustrate this with an example:

A: You hurt me . . .

B: I realise that I hurt you but then this was an experiment for my self growth and you had to go through this along with me.

A: But then it did not go well with me . . .

B: Well, I learnt my lesson, now its up to you.

In the above example, B is the classic example of an individual who values her life and position above anything else. B is totally oblivious to the fact that A is hurt, angry and broken. B, though can sympathise with A, she cannot go through the position of A with an objective mind.

Well, people like B are quite prevalent in today's world. If I am making a sweeping generalisation, reader, you must understand that I come across people like this very often. If I can mention, these are the very people who present themselves as being truly 'liberated,' 'sensitive,' 'caring,' and all other attributes that make for a 'wholesome' human being (if I can say that).

No two people are alike but then at the same time all of us are alike in our own ways. Our chemical compositions are the same. Our cultural and spiritual identity may be diverse but the core remains the same. It is we who make us the way we are. More often, the individuals who are exemplified by B do not realise that they end up hurting people and causing pain. They are well assured that they have done their part and it is up to the individual to take it or leave it.

All said and done, people come into our lives for a purpose, whether pleasant or not. We learn, unlearn and relearn many things in the process beginning from the first meeting till the person leaves (and this can be with or without informing. Some people exit without any clue).

People of these sort enable me to realise the meaning of life albeit from a different angle. They teach how not to conduct ourselves, how not to hurt, how not to trust and above all how losing oneself for love brings joy which people like B cannot fathom.

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