Saturday 3 December 2022

Bellingham Diaries - 1


Seattle from the skies

It has been a long time since I actively posted in this space. I just slid the glass pane over the mesh window because it was getting chilly. Well, the temperature here is now 4 degree C and I am getting used to being in a place without fans and curtains. My husband has been here in Bellingham since August and he seems to be managing well. This is my first day here. I had arrived here last night (01 December here) and after being up and about, I thought I would engage with my readers (if I still have them) and sharing my new experience. 

The view from the front door

The journey from Goa to Seattle was quite smooth save the unsmiling faces of the Charles de Gaulle airport in France. Everywhere I had people glaring. Perhaps I with no knowledge of French and looking tired might have irked them. Well, no complaints, I did meet some kind faces too. People are different in diverse places - some respond to a smile, some don't; some have kind eyes, while some have scrutinising eyes; some welcome strangers with a kind face while some have a wooden expression. I guess when we talk of travelling and crossing the borders of home, we are filled with exciting thoughts and create a huge pink bubble where we romanticise the onward journey. Well, a journey is filled with myriad people and diverse experiences.

This is the second B of my international travel, the first one being Belfast. Both these journeys have a gap of twelve years, in the interim where a big chunk of my life was spent in getting a Ph. D., marrying, setting up home, getting a new job, reveling in my students, getting high on life, learning, unlearning and relearning many taken-for-granted stuff. 

Well, here's to Bellingham and newer stories.

See you soon.


  1. Welcome, Susan. Good Luck in your new place!

    1. Dear DUTA, thanks for coming by. I remember you were there when I was in Belfast as well. Thanks for being a constant in my journey. Much love.



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