Sunday 16 February 2014

Gagging on milk powder

Can someone actually gag on milk powder. Well, if it is someone like me who likes to eat milk powder and is quite greedy about stuffing more than the mouth can contain, then one is sure to gag. And, one can even be gagged by the muffler, I read! Products like baby food, milk powder and certain other milk based powders somehow tickle my taste-buds and when I consume them, I do so like a frenzied person who hasn't come upon food for days. It begins with the promise of a single teaspoon but ends up with atleast seven teaspoons and much gagging. The problem is not seven teaspoons but seven teaspoons in a single (small) mouth at the same time! Even now when I think of it, I am  metaphorically choking and wondering how I could have managed such act of gluttony. Come to think of it, I gag on many things - literally and figuratively.

Take Facebook for example. I sometimes tend to spend so many hours browsing through the idle treats that are available to me that at the end of the day I feel as if I have gorged unlimited Facebook bytes that I feel tired and spent without having moved a muscle. I am not complaining but I sure feel sullen about the time that has slyly passed without my knowledge.

Another gag is sleep. I gag on sleep that when I finally decide to get some work done, my sleep memories often prod me to sleep again. Sleep is blissful and restful but the thought of sleeping without having done what I ought to have done, gags me. I choke and blame my irregular cycles of planning/procrastination.

I gag on books! Yes, you read that right. Books are meant to read but they have their own time. If one reads when one is meant to be doing something else then the guilt gags you big time. For this, I have to shift the blame to the many Facebook book clubs which I am a part of. See, the cycle has come full circle by connecting everything to the Facebook gag!

I know that this post was an exaggeration of sorts but then everyone is gagging on something all the time - and some gags come disguised as seemingly constructive things like Books, blogging, music and the not-so-innocent milk powder!

So what are you gagging on today?


  1. I gagged on a movie today. And I hated it which made my guilt triple :/


  2. Haha good post melady!!

    I too gag on books, movies, love to dogs and when i can get my hands on it- milk powder. Yes you read it right- love the taste.. :-))

  3. Ha. You're right. We all gag on something. I used to like milk powder as a kid. Def would gag on it.
    What a cute post Susan. Leave it to you to come up with such ideas.

  4. I love milk powder too :) I like adding a bit of sugar to it so that the granules give a nice contrasting combo to soft milk powder :)

  5. Milk powder? Is what, when water added, becomes MILK? Otherwise I don't know of it. Anyway, that's is not my problem. I get so mired in commenting on Facebook and Blogs...and still get to my self-imposed duties, that there is NO time to write blog posts, which I once did every day.

    Also, I never tire of FaceBook: world news, from real people who LIVE around the world. And the violin. And the sponsoring addicts. NOW I KNOW my problem, too much to do, and too little time. I realize nobody who reads this comment cold have any understanding of that--too little time HAHAHAHA!

  6. LOL at milk gag :D that got me into splits because my husband does that all the time...
    ahh facebook gag has effected my reading too

  7. I now gag on Angry Birds and Subway Surfers, courtesy my little girls. :-P
    And by the way, my little sis too gags on milk powder just the way you do...till date even as she is a mother of a 3 year old. :-D

  8. Madam, thanks for this word gag. I never used this word. I read in novels of people being gagged with chloroform. Apart from this meaning I have no knowledge of this word.
    I have always been friends with christians from childhood. In school. At work. I cannot help looking at philosophy but from this viewpoint. My family fully know this.

  9. I gagged on a telephone call! :D
    I used to eat milk powder as a kid.. such a brilliant taste na?! :D



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