Friday 8 November 2013

Virtual friendship and broken promises - A tribute to a dear blogger-friend

The last time I met you, you promised to spend more time with me in December. You also promised that in the December trip you will stay with me. You cruel soul - you broke your promises. Why do you make them when you were to break them!

We meet in the world of blogs and bloggers. We both were relatively new to the whole game of blogging. I saw her blog in one of the blogs I frequented. I casually stopped by. I liked what I saw and read. I started stopping by more often. Then she started noticing me and returned the favour. This was in 2009! From then on, we stopped by each other's blogs and gradually started emailing one another. The mails were usually two or three liners in which we mutually complemented one another's words and thoughts. We were never obliged to visit each other's blogs. I only commented when I had something to say and vice-versa. A bond had been formed.

Then I got married. I sent her an invite. She didn't come but sent me her wishes. Then, she got married. I sent my wishes. Our blog entries became infrequent but we kept in touch. She drifted towards fiction and photography. My visits to her blog were intermittent. She still came over to my blog and logged in her insights. We started chatting through Facebook.

She then gave me the wonderful news of her visit to the city where I lived. We met briefly over some snacks. Her mom and her sister were there with her. We were quite excited and thrilled to finally meet one another. She promised to spend more time with me in December when she planned to visit my place again on a road-trip with her better half. I thought December was quite afar off.

Unexpectedly, I had a chance to stop in her city for a break of journey and she played host along with her parents-in-law, husband and her non-human companion, a Golden Retriever named Rocky. They were lovely people and stumped me with their hospitality. She drove me to the train station. I was glad to have met her the second time and we refreshed our December promise and plan.

But she would never see another December! She broke her promise and along with her husband passed on to another world leaving me with memories of her blog and two meetings. 

I am glad that we did meet each other and exchanged meaningful conversation, if only once. Her sudden passing, though left me shocked and devastated, enabled me to understand the transience of existence. She was a quiet and unassuming person who thought deeply and tenderly. On some mornings, I wake up with thoughts of her and feel quite sad but as I mentioned earlier, I am truly happy that I met her and spent some time with her.

RIP my dear Sameera Kesiraju (1987-2013)

A poem by Sam:

Every evening is a conversation,
Sun’s retiring talk with a dear tree
“I’ll come in the morn looking for you!
I’ll knock on the doors of darkness with a request  
To let my rays caress with love, your gentle leaves
As they swing with joy, with hope, to see another dawn
Waiting for me to bring that dawn to you
I’ll come, but promise, that you will not let...
The black dusk swallow it all up - every time I am gone.



  1. how touching...and so tragic. Hugs Susan.

  2. This is tragic... may their souls rest in peace. She sounds lovely, I can imagine how it must have shocked you.... life is frail, indeed, never know when the last curtain call will come. You take care...

  3. So sorry about your friend, Susan. May she rest in peace!

  4. Some people just peep into your life for a fleeting second but they leave a distinct mark.
    Her recent post of Oct 2nd is something to ponder.
    Some one has even nominated her for the Liebster Award.

  5. Life is uncertain. This is the first time I am reading a post on the passing away of a fellow blogger. Tomorrow it could be any of us.......RIP Sameera.

  6. Hugs! Read the news, didn't know she was a blogger.
    Life can really shake you up and how!

  7. I'm in tears as I read this, Susan. To think we were in touch last month about her entry for a competition. I'm so glad you met her and spent time with her. Thank you for introducing me to her. Gone too soon, is all I can say! Love and hugs.....

  8. I have no idea honestly as to who is this blogger. But the narration sounds so familiar. We all have these stories of meeting each other on the internet through our words. Getting to know each other more on social media and then slowly as time passes by this fellow blogger turned friend becomes an important part of our lives. Your post made me sad, I felt like this is something I can relate to. To form a bond over words and writings and then feel it so strongly...

    *hugs* to you and prayers for all her well wishers...


  9. Ah Susan, this is very sad. I felt choked on reading about your friend. May her soul be at peace. Hugs.

  10. This is so sad Susan! So sorry for your loss.

  11. went through her blog..Life! Sudden and short.. May her soul rest in peace.. I know it hurts..I've lost my dearest friend too..within 10 days! All I can say is that we are lucky, we met them. :) Hugs!

  12. So, so sorry about the loss of your friend. Including her poem here is most poignant. May God surround you in His comforting, loving arms at this sad time, Susan.
    Love and hugs!

  13. How very sad, Susan. It is always sad when we here of the passing of someone we hold dear. Very sorry.

  14. Susan Deborah, i have a happy--that you and she infected one another with that love which neither tells nor asks. SAD, yet not sad...b/c you could have poassed each other in the darkest night, and never made the connection so vital to our mission on earth--Be a friend to all and "Love One Another".

    In my life also are people like that, and maybe it sounds sick, but I have (one-sided) coversations with those who have passed on to the next level.

    PEACE, Susan Deborah...and love!

  15. This is so tragic...may her soul rest in peace. The poem is penned down so so resonates with Life...I believe that her soul like the Sun will come after this dark dusk, spreading joy, love and smiles....



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