Saturday 12 October 2013

Has blogging become a tad jaded for me, I wonder

This post is supposedly my Blogoversary post, a fifth anniversary of  my Meandering in the whirling world of words and thoughts! But today instead of rejoicing at my journey and gloating over my posts, I choose to think aloud on some aspects of blogging. I see this post as a note to myself in which I strive to answer some questions that have been occupying my mind off late.

My writing has taken a lull in the past year and half, precisely after I got married. Though I choose not to blame marriage and the usual impediments of time, I cannot deny that my priorities have been mismanaged by me. I haven't figured how to devote a particular time of the day for blogging and commenting. Until I got married, time and space was in my control and I could blog whenever a thought struck me. I didn't have to record mundane but curious thoughts - I just wrote them and published a blog post. Alas! I had naively assumed that the scenario would be the same throughout and that I would be able to manage the same effortlessly. But then I realised that my meanderings were the most active when I was kneading dough or cutting veggies and I could not just take off to posting and publishing those thoughts just when they strike. And by the time, I completed my chores, the fleeting thoughts had passed. No matter how much I coaxed and cajoled, they never came back. And when I did find the time to sit down and open my blog, I would be at a loss for posts that I almost always end up closing the blank page and resort to reading other blogs and commenting.

But don't think that I have lost my interest for something that once was my main source of joy. Blogging's initial years were like those of a heady romance when the senses are in rapt attention and words gallivant about begging to be strung into sentences and meaningful phrases. Even commenting was done in gusto and reading blogs were something that I looked forward to with bated breath. The blogs were few and writing genuine. Today, I am bombarded with many bloggers who are fun and feisty with their words but alas! they are so many. How can a single me do justice to so many brilliant works! I try my best inspite of a gnawing thought that I have missed out on someone's writing for a long time. I guess that's precisely what happens when heady love blossoms into marriage! The initial years' pleasure come about quite spontaneously and as the years go on, the whole exercise becomes an effort because one is surrounded by so many aspects of life that are equally time-consuming and demanding. I guess one has to learn the fine art of balance be it marriage or blogging.

As I complete five years in the world of blogging, I look back and question myself and my priorities. I wonder whether I should tweak my schedules and try to be smart with setting deadlines and goals when it comes to doing some of my favourite tasks which help me unwind as well as rewind. I hope this post is a remainder of the beautiful world of blogging which has always thrilled and enthralled me.

All said and done, I raise a toast to Blogging and my fellow bloggers who have been patient with me and have not abandoned me inspite of me not posting as regularly as I used to. Thanks for the insightful comments. Reading your comments and thoughts has always invigorated me and brought a smile to my face. 

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  1. Congrats Susan on 5 years of blogging. Look forward to your next 5 years. All the best.

  2. Hey Susan Deborah! :)

    Congratulations on 5 years of writing and meandering. I somehow have no memory of how I landed on your blog. I have always appreciated the simplicity of your posts and the ease with which you contemplate on the observations from day to day life. :) Even if it one post per month - keep it going! :D

  3. 5 Years Deborah, and I'm glad we've been together for at least 4 of those years.. :)

  4. 5 years and going strong....Great. Cheers!

  5. My god Susan! I could have written this post - my posts have also become scanty on my main blog, especially. There's so much to write about - but I just dont find the time to pen thoughts down thoughtfully :(. Looking upto you for some inspiration.

  6. congrats on 5 years...and you are right that the relationship with blogging changes over time...and getting married, there are def things more important...smiles...we each find our own rhythm....

  7. 5 years!! Awesome journey, Susan Deborah! Congratulations!
    Making a schedule and working with deadlines works for me! :)

  8. Has it already been 5 years?! We're getting old, ha! Happy 5th anyway, Mrs Sus! I think we got to know each other's blog around the time we both started them (mine will be 5 next year).

    I guess it's not just a time management issue. After almost 5 years of blogging, I've kinda lost the initial thrill of writing and posting. I hope it's not the same with you. I do set goals now. I endeavor to post at least 2x a month (I fell short of this goal last month, haha!). But I'm carrying on because blogging is still a source of immense joy for me. I hope it is STILL the same with you, Mrs Sus.

    Cheers to 5 more years! :)

  9. Sus, high FIVES are in order
    though it would have made me gladder
    if you wrote on more days of the calender
    you never should have to surrender
    to the whims of your favourite(?) reader
    instead in your own pace do meander
    for there are your own things to consider.

    Wish you many more HAPPY years of blogging.

  10. Congratulations, Susan Deborah! Blogger age FIVE. I didn't realize the years were rushing so speedily by.

  11. wow...quite a milestone, Susan!
    Raising a toast for another good 5 years...cheers!

  12. Great! Susan congrats on the completion of five years of blogging!!

  13. susan,

    congrats on 5 years of blogging!

    although i haven't lost my interest for blogging i fairly believe that it is time consuming...i guess it's just a time management issue.
    oh my word, susan, i could have written this post!

    big hugs!

  14. Susan - I'm just finding you (via Nevine's poetry blog), and what a find! I've been blogging since 2001 and the ebbs and flows, routines and rituals have under gone many cycles. You're evolving. The role and purpose your writing and interactions with writers use to serve has changed. Kneading dough affords your to opportunity to bake your thoughts, now. Perhaps your new relationship calls for some of the gusto that was once reserved for blogging! I'm not sure. What is clear to me, from what you have shared here (such wonderful sharing), is that you are a writer and a lover of thought, and you will find a way to continue, albeit differently. Be with you evolution!

  15. Congratulations again, Sus. Has it been three years now since we've connected or longer? I've always told you that you have your own special 'voice' - an unusual take on things and the ability to make one question - which every good writer should do. Keep writing and inspiring, dear girl.

  16. Here comes a BIG COngrats!!!
    Happy 5th Anniversary.
    Keep writing
    Keep Going
    Keep Inform
    Best Regards
    Philip Ariel

  17. Susan, I love your honesty. I share some of your feelings. I have trouble finding time or making time and often I think of topics precisely when I cannot write, then forget them. Please know you're not alone. Trust me, marriage makes a difference in how we spend our time. Even now after so many years of marriage I wonder how I would do things differently if I were alone. Yet, I wouldn't trade my lifestyle.
    I enjoy your posts even if they're not constant. Mine aren't either. I post when I can. Right now I haven't posted in over a week. But, blogging seems to fill a need to write, to get to connect with people like you and it's fun.
    Hope you keep posting. Happy blogaversary.

  18. I always look forward to reading your posts, Susan! Congrats on hitting that 5 year mark - that's quite an accomplishment. :)
    Oh, and that little thing where you get ideas while doing chores, but forget them when you hit the computer? Keep a little notebook open and with you no matter what you're doing. This has been a lifesaver for me when ideas come suddenly and without warning.
    Keep blogging, my friend!

  19. Congratulations for completing five years in blogosphere, Even my writing took a toll after marriage,but now my hubby has come in terms with the fact that I turn bat crap crazy if I don't publish a blog every two days :D

  20. So very thoughtful, Susan! I love your introspective posts! I have no doubt that you will soldier on and we will keep coming back! Happy 5th!

  21. For those who enjoy writing, this is just the first milestone, with many more to come (in multiples of 5)

  22. I must admit I look forward to your posts and I am disappointed when I look for one and do not find it. However, my time in looking for those wonderful posts has also decreased. No marriage to account for, all the opposite, a divorce. Life is happier yet busier. I must find a balance.

  23. Congrats Susan! Yes the dimensions of blogging change as time passes, just like life which isn't a constant. Do not feel pressured to write or read or do it as a routine. I blog as a way of relaxing. I don't want to stress over when or how much to blog. If it flows, I am prolific, if not I lie low. It is good that you are asking yourself these questions. Introspection is always good.



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