Wednesday 4 July 2012

Early risers and compulsive slogs

I do enjoy waking up early before the sun comes up to a quiet and chirpy morning. But alas! I cannot do it every morning or let's say most of the mornings. Well, I can if I want to but I just let myself sleep. I don't much try to make rising early a priority. But, I have seen that early risers always manage to get those Wow! glances and smiles of admiration. Nearly always. When someone rises early and breaks into a run and works out, there is a sense of awe over that individual. It almost seems that people who don't rise early are marginalised and seen as lazy. Every family lauds an early riser and those individuals are always set as shining examples of how life should be lived. Remember the saying: Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. But don't we all have our own body rhythms and cycles?!?

Now the same applies for those individuals who slog and slog, no matter how tired they are. Now it seems that these sloggers like to slog not because they are wired that way but because certain others are not wired that way. Do you get what I mean. Those who slog endlessly don't know what it means to spend a few minutes without doing something. They abhor idleness and also people who seem to be idle. And almost by default everyone who slogs is an early riser!!!

The world always favours the early risers and compulsive slogs or so it seems. Those who slog always find something to do and are seldom seen taking an afternoon siesta or prolonging a meal. I reckon that the slogging starts off in a very harmless manner and over a period of time becomes an identity. Compliments like, "G is always busy; K always finds something to do; O is never idle" lead the person who slogs to persevere slogging more enthusiastically. Don't they ever relish in just being rather than doing? Sadly, many women are the ones who get into this slogging mode and finally a day comes when they cannot manage and off they snap. But do they have a choice? And sadly, women are also the early risers.

Though I started this post to complain against the unfair means of judging people by the time they rise and the amount of work they do, I went off on a tangent. Well, I forgot to mention chronobiology but then I remember that I had written a post on that a long time ago.

So, are you a proud early riser who flaunts your sleeping habits or are you a poor morning person who sometimes wakes up early? Maybe you slog as well ;)

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  1. No, I'm not an early riser, and I'm very comfortable doing nothing. No one in my family admires my sleeping habits or activities, or should I say lack of activities.

    But I do love early mornings and have actually witnessed a few - usually on those rare occasions when I have an early flight. (I don't travel much.)

  2. Susan Deborah...Hellooooo!

    I get up early, 5:30 AM often. And LOVE the morning, the waking-up-world. Sometimes I sleep in (never go to bed before 1 AM, so you see???) And, when sleeping past all my morning 'doings', I am JUST as happy, and LOVE to see the Peeps who have prepared the world (for me!)

    All that said, I have been all my life a NIGHT PEEP. So, as with life itself, I have never settled in, so to speak to any 'normalcy'--grin! And everything is mostly, usually...OK! WONDERFUL!

    And I pray it is so also with YOU, my Dear Susan!
    Love and PEACE!

  3. I have actually begun lately to make a habit out of rising early..though I confess I do so about 5/7 of the days of the week! I don't brag about it though. I do it because it's a great time to get up while the whole house is still silent and meditate and chant and if I have time hit the gym which is right on our road and I walk to. I love feeling the warmth of the rising sun on my eyelids as I meditate and then opening my eyes to see it's warm glow spreading itself over the treeline outside my morning. It does create moments of bliss, moments I treasure.

    But then there are mornings when I give in to inertia. But you know, I do think we all need those. If I've learned anything it's to have compassion on my body and my spirit...sometimes they both need a little extra rest!

  4. Dear Susan, I can be both and neither, it depends on the company I keep.;) With my husband away for 4 months and the fact that we are in the midst of the white nights, I am a VERY early riser, about 5:30 am on regular bases.;) I love it and relish in watching the already sunny skies grow brighter while having the whole day full of possibilities ahead.;)
    However, I can tell you when my husband returns and will draw the blinds, we will be sleeping til noon on regular bases and feel good about it too.;)
    Thank you for your lovey birthday wishes on FB - have a lovely end of the week.;))

  5. I am not a morning person, and I have no problem admitting this! I do and feel my best later in the day and evening. There are those random times when I am called to be up and about early in the morning and yes, I do appreciate the beauty of it, greeting the silence of the day. There's a special stillness of life, that moistness that lingers from the dew that freshens the air. So when I am awake that early, I savor and appreciate the experience, knowing full well that it won't motivate me to adopt early morning risings! I think it makes me appreciate those random mornings all the more, to be honest, simply because they're a rarity for me.

    Great post, Susan! :)

    - Dawn

  6. I've always been an early riser Susan and would probably be considered a 'slogger'. But, it seems the older I get, the later I sleep in :) Once I'm up and moving though, I still continue to 'get stuff done'☺ Great post Susan!

  7. I don't LOVE the morning really, but I like getting things done so I get up early. I definitely think societal praise plays into this.

  8. are sloggers achievers? despite all the early rising? and hard work? or are they merely letting all the running compensate for the absence of real action?..something to reflect on
    btw, whata bout the forced to get up early risers? with long commutes and early morning college/work? you can rise early and still envy those who lie-a-bed enjoying their mornings...

  9. I like getting up early, but don't rush through my morning routine. I sip my coffee, listen to the birds, and let my cobwebs clear. I must admit, I used to be more a part of that slogging world, but have learned to just "be still" with my thoughts and with God.
    Great post, Susan!

  10. I love at its best. Am late to bed, so I do accomplish most of the things I want to do.

  11. Oh! I used to be an early riser Susan! not anymore....but it is a nice feeling,I agree lazying around and dozing off for those ten minutes which suddenly turn into an hour and more...leading me to jump out of bed to get ready to face the day...But yes, not being an early riser certainly leads to prolonged chiding from my maa whenever I am home *sheepish grin*.
    p.s.Though I would love to become the morning person I was again...

  12. Dear Susan, I just adore this post!

    I am one of those people in awe of early risers and slogs, probably because I don't fit in either of those categories.
    Lately I've been a really poor morning person and I am resenting it. I also have a few slogs around me so I just feel the pressure to get out of my natural element and pick up the pace.

    It's not that I have a lot of idle moments, it's just that I like to take my time when I'm engaged into something. But I'm trying really hard to change all of that. Right now I'm reading tons of material on productivity and I hope I will get some good insights on the matter.

    Have a great week!


  13. I am neither and all. I dislike to sleep but I realize I need it more now than 10 years ago. I like to wake up early, but don't always get to it. I never take naps...and some say I should.
    I love to wake up a little bit late on weekends IF I don't have something to do which is seldom the case

  14. It's to find that there are like-minded people here. Most of us do like to wake up at the crack of dawn but our body has better plans and I guess we should listen to it.
    I must tell you that these past days, I am waking up early and going for a walk. I'm glad that I can do that.
    I value each of your comments and I'm glad to read them

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hope that Friday the 13th is a pleasant one for all of you :)

    Joy always.



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