Friday 10 April 2009

Reflecting on the connections . . .

Well, I am wondering about different connections that take place at a given point of time in different places with different people. While I am writing away prose filled with pain, there are certain others writing away paens of poetry filled with amorous dilly dallyings and pages of romantic indulgences washed with passion and longing. What if the writings of pain and pleasure is caused by the same person. Confusing? Well, those are the intricate connections that cease to confound me. Someone else at this particular point may be pondering about life's contradictions while at the same time there might be someone revelling at the accomplishment of composing a new piece of music just as they wanted it to be.

Life is this. While one man was being crucified on the tree, there were certain others who were casting lots for his garment. The garment was supposedly made of one seamless piece without ant stitches, history tells. But there are certain aspects that history does not tell us: that the man who was crucified was on that cross without any apparent guilt or reason. The connection I want to make here is that today we might connect many things to our glory and to our pride when apparently they don't belong to us. We are not justified having them unlike that man many many years ago who died for no apparent fault of his. Well, dying and living are two sides of the same coin.

Well, I started this piece with a particular insight but it did not move that way. The way it moved, maybe for some apparent purpose. A connection between words are always not easy to fathom when in a disjoint state of mind. Reader, the mind is the culprit. It paves way for so many imaginative connections that are sometimes very lethal for our growth. So commit your mind to the higher power so that the thoughts are constructive and lead you in a path that you need to follow.


  1. Interesting thoughts. I agree with the fact that the mind can lead us in various directions, good and bad. Good writing!

  2. Nahid: thanks for coming by. Have a great week ahead.



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