Tuesday 21 April 2020

Food and eating in the time of Corona

Things that were considered normal in the routine are still normal but the observation to details has gone up a few notches given the availability of time and leisure. For example, remembering finer details in films and connecting them to our everyday life and living is a passable but noteworthy activity. The other day, I was watching a disturbing 2017 film titled, The Killing of a Sacred Deer which is available on Netflix. Without discussing the film, I would like to mention a small detail in which one of the characters mention how he always keeps the best part of his meal for the last. For example, he loves fries and whenever he orders burgers, he keeps the fries for the last because he wants to end his meal with his favourite item. This detail is quite insignificant when you consider the entire film but not quite not when someone in your life does the same. My husband is so - he loves eggs (in any form) and almost always saves the egg for the last ensuing me asking for it because I would have finished mine along with the meal. For me, the item that I like has to be part of every bite and hence when I finish eating, all the dishes are done - leaving a clean plate. My husband is the opposite. He saves his eggs, the meat dishes and other favourite items for the last and after eating everything else on the plate, slowly eats the egg or any other item, savouring the taste, much to my chagrin. Well, I can't ask for it without getting fed on a lecture of how I have already completed eating, I had my share and blah, blah, blah. The end result: He does not share! Ever! Perhaps on a rare occasion, he might share based on his whim or fancy but that occurrence is like the blue or pink moon. Well, let that be.

The sunny-side up that we often fight for

Now let us talk about Feni, our non-human companion. He adores food - any time, any food except vegetables. He starts salivating the moment he hears his vessel being handled in the kitchen making us wonder whether he imagines the food, which is still to be proved. Sometimes, he smells some food and stands next to us in the kitchen with hope writ large on his face. A hope that is ever present and is for the now. He may or not get that particular item but he never loses hope again making us wonder whether he knows what hope is - The truth is that we often view his actions and thoughts according to our human parameters and would like to do so even when we realise that what we think is just our own perception of things. During this time of lockdown, we are able to observe Feni and his antics alongside enjoying them. Earlier food was something that was served to Feni since it was the time for food but now it is the feeling that Feni would be waiting, he has smelt the food and let us treat him and nourish him is the thought.

Feni captured in a fancy manner in one of his moods (could be before or after eating)

All of us are trying our best to live during these times and engage in whatever fuels our time and mind. But then there are days when everything seems to be a never ending drag that drains the mind and body and at that time food and eating become routine.

Hope you are well and safe during these uncertain times.


  1. Susan, nice to see you as a blogger. Very funny to read it. I know you are enjoying the lock down time with feny and his actions along with your soul mate....

    1. Thanks for the kind comment. I don't know who you are but the comment made me smile. There are ups and downs during the lockdown and this is one good experience.

      Hope you are safe and fine.

  2. Fenyi looks lovely!
    During lockdown there's indeed time to observe details, and that's not always desirable.

    1. Thanks for dropping by dear DUTA. You are right. Sometimes details are too annoying.
      Stay safe.

  3. Hey Susan! I save what I like for the last too! I want the taste of the food I love to linger on.

    1. Thanks for commenting Siffo. Glad to know about your food habits.

      Stay safe and be happy

  4. Hey your post is the kind of a conversation i would love to indulge because here i can contribute and relate. And i have lots to say about the movie and everything you have so interestingly mentioned. For the time being would love to tell you that ur husband and i have the same tendencies. Maybe i am a notch higher perhaps. Even while eating bread i chew off the crusty sides first just to savor slowly the soft center parts after i am done with the uninteresting chewy edges. Besides it's always the center where the real thing is be it cheese or butter.
    Feel joyous to see Feni and know about him too.
    The horrors that exist within us... Some films really bare it all. The Killing of the sacred Deer is one which as you rightly say disturbs. There are many in that genre. The latest Korean movie Parasite i found disturbing too. And long ago perhaps 10 yrs back when DVD's were on hire i saw a couple of movies in which the killer is trying to give out a message to the world about the love for Killing/evil that is within all of us which led me to the famous Milgram Experiment and also the Stanford Prison Experiment...
    'Untraceable' starring Diane Lane is the name of the movie.
    Oh i can go on and on.
    Kindly bear with me for what i lack in real conversations i make up for at every available opportunity even if it is a blog comment box.
    Your posts are always like that Susannah.
    Feeling happy again to be here.
    Joy forever

    1. Dear Shivani, it is indeed a joy to read your thoughts via your comments. Your comments always add value to my posts and thanks for the movie that you had mentioned. I watched parasite too and it left me with mixed emotions - so much disparity and social hierarchy.

      Likewise here. I feel wonderful to see you stop by.

      Have a lovely weekend.

      Joy and love.

  5. Ha, I eat like you... little bites with every morsel. People have been telling me to watch Parasite, but I keep putting it off... not sure I want to watch disturbing stuff.

  6. That keeping for the last is unique to everyone I suppose. My father in law always kept his shrimps (if ever served) to be had last. He used to take only one or two, but used to save it for the last.



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