Sunday 22 March 2020

My brush with lockdown(s)

I am not unfamiliar to lockdowns. I remember my first lockdown - it was in April 2011, a month before I was to get married. I was down with chicken-pox. I know that it does mean a big setback in terms of wedding shopping and all that jazz but it was bliss in disguise of a disease. I was brought back from the place I was teaching during that time - Tiruvarur by a special car which was hired by my mother. After I set foot at home in Chennai - it was quarantine till the shiny balls disappeared. I lived sans bath, sans spice and sans mirror - you would know the usuals if you had experienced chicken-pox. But the icing on the cake was that I MISSED most of MY wedding shopping, which was done kindly by my dear mom and sister. Those were the days of no Whatsapp so no videos and photos of clothes could be sent; My sister would call me and describe the design to the best of her abilities and I without even listening, would remark, "Buy whatever you feel would look good on me." So much so for my wedding shopping. The best part  comes now - juices to coll my body down, not to mention the buttermilk and tender coconut water! Bland food did not appeal much but I saw that as a detox. My skin and hair looked healthy, my complexion revived, my mind was clear and before I forget, I completed reading a book (not advisable) which was catching dust in my modest library.

Today's lockdown is different - Of course I am cooped up at home, which is not unusual but I am devoid of the luxury of getting food and drinks served at my bed side. I cooked, cleaned and did a bit of reflecting and was generally a relaxed home body wondering about the next area to be cleaned or next book to be read. But the feeling of quiet has seeped in but I also have a niggling thought on stocking up of essentials in case Goa decides to extend the lockdown of today.

You see, I don't have my mother to worry about those aspects.

Hope you have been well and content in times as these.


  1. Heya..hope you guys have sufficient stock of essentials.. and btw my earlier memory of something similar to a lockdown was the same.. chicken pox.. I got it while standing in queue in tirupati(during summer holidays, 6th std). Came back to chennai & was quarantined, left a day after school had reopened, infact an aunt got it & gramma had a superstition that I shouldn't leave till my aunt was done.... ( we were living in tirunelveli then)

    1. Aarti, thanks for stopping by. We have for a day or two and did not stock enough. We would get by hopefully. Fingers crossed.

  2. Hi I just retired and I am stuck at home. It is not bad, I am enjoying myself getting stuff done. Heck, I'm even reading old blog buddies stuff... that pretty great!!!

    1. GQ: What a lovely surprise! Trust you are doing well and taking care during this time. I'm so delighted to read your comment. Do you still blog?

      Do drop in here.

      Take care.



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