Sunday 23 September 2018

What happens when you plan to lose yourself?

Yesterday after a long long time, I had an opportunity to listen to a flute recital by Pandit. Pravin Godkhindi - yes, a wonderful time to lose yourself in the notes of the flautist! The evening had just began and we were settling down as the musicians were warming up. Alas! the setting had something else that was not part of our plan - The three ladies in the front row had settled down as well BUT with their conversation and attending calls on the mobile. That they were sitting in the midst of a lovely flute recital was of no concern to them. They why attend the recital, is my question.

Without much thought, I blame the mobile phone revolution that has bereft people of courtesy, manners and kindness - the three which stand in direct contrast to individualism! The three ladies were insulated as they enjoyed talking in 'loud' whispers and blissfully attended to not one but several phone calls while also filming the flute recital when they weren't busy chatting. What irks me is that I could not ask them to stop, while my companion after a few irritated looks, decided to ask them to STOP. Well, they did stop attending calls but started talking in loud whispers (I bet they were berating us).

The mobile phone which has no doubt given us many pluses has also insulated us while amidst a gathering, communal gathering and so on. Imagine this: we are enjoying a quiet lunch with our loved ones and all of a sudden the mobile phone buzzes - we rush to get the call in the meanwhile breaking the invisible circle of the chatter and catching up; While we finish the call and return to the circle - the circle has closed and it takes an effort of ten to twelve seconds to get back. But after getting back, if further calls are encouraged, then the afternoon is lost.

While it is easy to dismiss young ones of the mobile culture, it is sad to see that this phenomenon has seeped into every age bracket and gender. Have we lost the meaning of collectivism after the mobile has entered our lives?

Does the small machine control our behaviour so much so that we forget a lovely flute recital and attend to small talks?


  1. This is sad, and yet it's so true and happens everywhere all the time. People don't fully engaged themselves in conversation or activities because they're so worried about checking their phone every few minutes. Why does everyone feel as through answering their phone is an emergency?

  2. Dear Naomi:

    Thanks for stopping by and finding time to leave your thoughts. You are tight when you say, "People don't fully engage . . ." I guess this is true of today. I so long for the days of yore.

    Come by more often.

    Joy always.



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