Sunday 9 July 2017

The curse of the blue ticks

The former days of land line telephones and long distance letter-writing was a bliss when compared to today's instant messaging. Those days one received a call that they have reached and the rest would not matter until another call was received. But today, the blue double ticks on WhatsApp makes the heart palpitate needlessly. Just yesterday, I was trying to contact X and saw only a single grey tick. For a while, I was calm then the imaginations soared. I tried keep them at ground level but to my dismay, they seem to have a mind of their own. I was frantic for the blue ticks, at least the double grey tick marks. But no. I started panicking. I was thinking about the million possibilities that could have prevented X from seeing the messages - Mind you none were simple possibilities. Sitting miles away, one cannot help but wonder at the million impossible things that could occur.

In the midst of all these, I wondered about the days of yore when two blue ticks did not exist and how people went about their lives carrying on routines without speaking for days and weeks. Even then people were awaiting news but did not require instant blue ticks. The tricks that the mind plays when the blue ticks are missing, is deplorable and I'm not exaggerating. The basis of existence depends on those two blue rascals.

No matter who the person is, the blue ticks are reasons for many fights and heartbreaks. If the person has seen the message at 10. 30 am but responds only at 10. 00 pm, the he/she can be sure of some hard questioning. Now, there are three categories:

1. Single grey tick - message not seen
2. Double grey ticks - Message delivered but not read
3. Double blue ticks - Message read

Either of the categories could cause potential harm if in a particular frame of mind and the most adept at this is the female of the species (I speak for my specie and there is no overt discrimination, I suppose).

Some may ask:
Where were you? Why did it take so long to see the message?
Why did you not respond even if you were online?
I was so frantic, what happened to you? Why only a single grey tick (This question of course plays in the mind)

Now you understand why I consider the blue ticks as cursed. Perhaps the closer the person, the greater the frantic levels!

Let peace prevail in the heart and imagination be reserved for better things.

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  1. It's worse than a text message. My heart goes on an arrest mode when I see blue ticks and no response from a few loved ones and I guess it's vice-versa. It's a bane I say 😩😢

    1. I am wondering if I should disable that feature but undecided. I wonder why our mind projects a thousand different negative emotions when this happens - I guess we have the power to control those thoughts but seldom do it. I now know that I have many kindred souls. And believe me, it is mostly women who act like this. Most of the men I know either are oblivious or never seem to notice. That is BLISS, I say.

  2. I have downloaded WhatsApp and deleted it. I have not use for it and now...I see how lucky I am

    1. Dear one, you have no idea how blessed and happy you are! I just hope you don't give in to the pressure and download it again, Myriam.

      I think many times to delete it but then I give excuses as most of my messages to students are communicated via WhatsApp. Sigh. Perhaps one day.

      Lovely to see you here after a long time. Always a pleasure.



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