Saturday 9 August 2014

The temperamental biometric

In the College where I teach, teachers have to do a biometric identification when they come in and again do it while leaving. A teacher has to stay for five hours in College and the only witness of this five-hour stay is the biometric machine. The records are then submitted to the University at the end of each month.

For the past three days or so, the biometric machine is not working. Yay! It seems that the machine is protesting and has violent mood swings and as a result it is celebration time for most of us. It is not everyday that we break the five-hour mandatory stay but the lack of the biometric identification seems to give a strange feeling of freedom.

I can imagine students getting happy and jumpy when they are freed from the shackles of attendance and all that jazz but teachers! Well, sometimes when there are rules which one is forced to bow down to, even if the tyrant is the biometric machine, it is a forced sort of discipline.

The childlike aspects of teachers come to the fore when there is a break in the regular routine - I don't see them hurrying to record their identification and fulfill the five hour jail stay! Of course, we don't rush earlier than before but still the chains of mandatory five hours stay is temporarily suspended.

I wonder about the different shackles of forced discipline that exists in my life and unless they are suspended, we will never know their bearing in our lives.

Inspite of everything, life goes on

What are your shackles (read discipline enforcement) dear reader?

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  1. NO biometric shackles! All gone. If any are left, someone will have to let me know.
    However, health issues must be daily tended, in order to enjoy more of later life without shackles. Discipline now for me is the habit of a rather enjoyably wonderful "way of life", not "forced" but simply LIVING and LOVING each hour, each day....with AWARENESS!
    Bye, Sweetie <3

    1. Lucky you, Steveroni. You have seen it all like the wise man in the Bible. You ought to teach me so many things in life. Accept me as your student in life.

  2. we hae biometrics too.. if they dont work, I send a mail to the CEO as soon as I walk into office from intramail and that helps at the end of the month

    1. MNCs and corporates work differently, Prason. I guess our only point of connection is the biometric otherwise it is like heaven and earth.

  3. I can imagine! At work, we had the access card system, and I was never a stickler for check-in time, bcoz I didn't believe in swatting flies with or without work in a 9-5 job, rather would work my whatsit off 24x7 to get a job done before deadline! And guess the boss flexed his rules for me, coz he knew what I'm capable of :)

    I so hate rules like time or attendance (though my attendance is almost always 100%), and think it is an impediment to creative thinking!

    1. Hey RGB, long time. How have you been and what have you been doing all this while? Missed seeing your comments in the Meanderings. Seems like a long time.

      Even I hold the same beliefs as you. Now our biometric has started working and one can hear the sound of the punching in the morning and afternoon.

      And those who work will work anyway and those who pass their time chatting and whiling away their time, will continue to do so.

      Your point of these pointless rules being and impediment to creative thinking is quite right, I think. But sometimes certain people need rules to give a certain direction to their lives.

  4. Indeed! Having freedom, even though you have the integrity to complete your obligations, is truly freeing!!

  5. my shackles when i was a young man was the 9pm curfew time my dad had put , the party started at 9pm and i was to head back :) rarely i made it back by 9, yet the thought always acted as a kill joy ..

    came over to UK and Now the shackles are different , in Job, CANT beat the ___ out of a person who has done some crime or something sinister , still got to treat them as human even when they have done the most inhumane thing ..


    1. I thought you were still quite young! And, yes, I agree. 9 pm is quite early for a man!
      Really? But why? Is it out of respect or protocol?

      Glad to have you stop by, Bikram.



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