Wednesday 22 June 2011

Sojourning in god's own country and other things

It has been a long time since I ventured here. Among the many things that I did during this long break, one was getting married. Getting married has landed me for the time being in a state in South India known as Kerala, which is called as "God's own country." The slogan that has been used by almost everyone to describe this state is not without reason. The whole state seems to be one grand village such that one cannot actually draw a boundary between the rural and the urban. Covered with coconut trees and rubber plantations, this place is a perfect getaway for the urban citizen. I am not here to describe the state of Kerala. Google can do that for you. I am here to describe my sojourn in the place.

Getting married also gives one a passport to many luncheons and dinners hosted by kind relatives. Since I am relatively new to the place, I am given many smiles accompanied by hugs and wet kisses. I'm not complaining. Getting married in India is after all marrying large families. A repetition of food items has now become my greatest nightmare.

The abundance of green cover and sweet water makes the place a sought after one by tourists. The houses are palatial with lovely wood furniture and door frames but they are empty of people. The houses have spaces but the sound of chatter is not there as the children and grand children are away in foreign shores. They come down once a year. Most of the houses we visited had only aged parents with children living ten thousand miles away.

A thousand thoughts mated and spawned a trillion blogposts in the crevices of my mind. I did not write them down as I believe that the thoughts which remain will be written as a post. Since the place was new, my mind was teeming with ideas and observations. I hope to share some of them here in the forthcoming days.

All said and done, I MISSED interacting with you. I should have written a note of absence but I did not. My apologies. I look forward to catching up with your recent posts and bang! commenting also shall begin. Hope you have been well and happy.

Joy always :)

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  1. Hello Susan:

    Congrats on your marriage and I hope you enjoy your for now new home in the South of India.

    My very best wishes to you and your husband on your new life together.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Oh my dear Susan
    You've been missed so much... but I was sure you were busy enjoying your exciting new life
    I am so happy to find you here again, my sweet friend
    Joy always...

    i love this new life of yours...BTW


  3. I thought your absence from blogging had to do with your Phd thesis, but marriage - this is even better.
    Congratulations and Best of Wishes!

  4. Congratulations to you dear Susan...I was dying out of curiosity,waiting for you to come back..and I want to see pictures..

  5. Congratulations Susan and we are all glad that you are back in blogosphere to hear about your adventures and thoughts that kept your mind occupied.

  6. Congratulations to you, dearest Susan! Kerala is such an absolutely beautiful place to be in, it has a very special place in my heart, too!

    My best wishes to you and your husband! And as usual, much love! :)

  7. My dearest Susan,

    First, my heartfelt Congratulations! I wonder if I can send you a belated Congratulatory card? I would appreciate your mailing address pm at FB?

    Now, that was rather a real cracker! Sneaking out to get married! How exciting!!!

    What is more exciting is am back to reading and chuckling reading your bloggytainment again. I always laugh as your writings always sound Joyful than doleful.

    Toast to your forthcoming tribe!

  8. You have been missed..I'm soooooo happy to see you back...CONRATUALTIONS ..As always..XOXOXO

  9. Glad you're enjoying all the experiences that your new state (in more ways than one!) is bringing, Sus. You were missed and you know that - waiting for those ideas to metamorphose into posts :)

  10. Susan Deborah, it is me, Steve!
    HOW you have been missed is already been discussed.

    What an interesting, fun (maybe somewhat tiring?) sojourn you are describing.

    I KNOW I'm not the only one who would enjoy to be in that place where mansions exist and water, and a whole state of green and friendliness. (These are the places we hear nothing about.) It is HAPPINESS to realize you are back, and may interact a little with some of us.

    PEACE and JOY always!!!

  11. You were missed! But hey, heartiest congratulations! Though it may sound cliched but marriage is a new book all together (forget the chapters ;))...wishing you a lovely blissful life...and waiting to hear your thoughts that have remained :D

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  13. YAY you're back and congratulations..I remember you on your wedding day :)

    Good Luck for a new life ahead and now don't go missing ;)

  14. First off, you're honeymooning. Your readers understand how blogging is not really a priority at this time. :)

    Oh, and you're treading on MY territory - travel blogging! Haha, just kidding. I'm sure you'd have many insightful descriptions of Kerala. Sounds like a place after my own heart - old houses and greens. Looking forward to those posts.

    Congratulations again, Sus!

  15. well! I am glad it was not chicken pox this time!
    so glad to know you are doing well. It's a happy time in your life in spite of the repetitions of food.

  16. Congrats...assumptions...I thought you were already married :O

  17. Hi Susan,

    First of all, congratulations on your marriage. It sounds as if your wedding, honeymoon, and travels have blessed you with unforgettable memories; days and nights full of love, warm emotions, and delights.

    I believe that love is the most beautiful pleasure someone can bring to your heart.

    I wish you and Rayson a lifetime of unifying joy.

    With every best wish,


  18. Congratulations once again my dear Susan! How is married life?;)) I hope all is well with you and I believe that Kerala must be a stunning place, as is the rest of India.;))
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend, good to have you back,

  19. Do you have visits and food appointments one after the other and over loving relatives trying to feed you, just when the tummy says, I've just need a break from food :) :P

    Enjoy the season and the land!

  20. oh, I was wondering where you went! lol

    happy to hear of your marriage, congrats to you and your hubby. May you be blessed with a healthy and joyous life together!

    take care!
    looking forward to reading more from you when the time is right! :)

  21. Congratulations Sus! Welcome back. Hows Lalu Alex or is it Alex Pandian? :)

  22. Earlier I was worried, now I am HAPPY! :)

    Congrats! :)

  23. Mike:

    Thanks a bunch for your kind wishes. Hope you have been well and happy.


    My dearest one. How have you been? My new life is fascinating. An adventure of sorts :)

  24. DUTA:

    Thanks for the wishes. Glad to be back again.


    And I'm waiting for writing and reading insights from all of you :)

  25. Elizabeth:

    I'm glad to be back as well. Shall soon begin my journey of sharing my adventures.


    Glad to know your 'Kerala connection.' Much love to you also my dearest friend :)

  26. Inday:

    Ofcourse you can send a card. I would love to see your own hand in that. "Sneaking" sounds good! Thanks for the wonderful wishes, dear Inday.


    Love you lots and thanks for the kind words.

  27. Corinne:

    I'm waiting to pour the adventures as posts :)



    How can this mind forget thee, my dear friend. Love to be back in this splendid company of bloggers and posts :)

  28. Yuvika:

    Thanks, dear Yuvika. A new book: yes. Lot of thoughts have remained. Let me start soon . . .


    Shall not go missing now.

  29. Age:

    No honeymooning for me. I so missed blogging, you know. YOUR territory: sounds like you are fiercely guarding your territory! Well I would love to trespass, since it's your territory!

    Thanks again, dear Age.


    No no, not chicken pox. Thanks for the kind words.

  30. GQ:

    Assumptions. Thanks for the blessings.


    Thanks for the kind wishes. Hope my card reached you. Memories are everywhere, you know.

    Thanks once again, dear Ronnie.

  31. Zuzana:

    All is well and enjoying the new phase in life. Thanks for a lovely welcome,d ear Zuzana.


    Absolutely :)

    Back in Chennai now :(

  32. Hope:

    Thanks Hope. Shall begin the writing.



  33. Murali:

    Welcome to the Meanderings. And you are quite right about Kerala. One can enjoy the place but not live there for long. A holiday getaway is ideal. No wonder Tamil Nadu and Gulf is filled with Malayalis.

    Glad to read your insights.

  34. Congratulations!!! Have a lovely lovely life together. :-)

  35. Ruth:

    Thanks. The beginning seems quite lovely. But it is the process which matters.

    Joy always :)

  36. Susan

    You are quite full of surprises, first let me say, Blessings, and congratulations to both of you, and second, happy you are back, and I am sure with many new thoughts to ponder on and make us think....

    Wonderful news,


  37. Dear Joanny:

    Surprises keep life lovely, don't they? Thanks for your kind words. I'm waiting for spouting my thoughts into posts :)

    Hope you are having a great Sunday.

    Joy always :)

  38. Hello Susan! What a surprise… CONGRATULATIONS!!! so how was that??? how’s life after the wedding??? ..for sure it’s divine, ain’t it… hehe… i often heard to people that getting married is one of the happiest moments in life one could ever have… and at 20 i’ve been thinking of that already though my mind is more on exploring, travelling, and establishing career… and yeah, too childish at times… hehe… i am really glad that you have settled down and started a new chapter now with the one of your half – the man of your fate… now, i’m waiting for the little angels to come soon… i wish you both more happiness and success in life..(: ..again CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Brightest of blessings to a dear friend like you, Susan!

    Good day.


  39. Dear Kelvin:

    Thanks for your kind and wonderful wishes. It is another phase in life and it is indeed splendid!

    Joy always :)

  40. I can't believe I missed this post...but then again, I was sick around the time I think and not reading many blogs. Congrats on getting married!

  41. Dear PB:

    No problems. I'm glad you read it, though.

    Hope you are doing well now :)


  42. Hi Susan .. congratulations - sounds fantastic news .. many many happy years ahead.

    Gosh - Kerala is beautiful I gather .. I'd love to see it one day ..

    Cheers for now .. Hilary

  43. Welcome Hilary and thanks for your kind words. They made me smile. I definitely hope that one day you make to Kerala.

    Best wishes and cheerio!

  44. Susan, you crack me up! Welcome to the world of marriagehood. I wish you success and a lifetime of love.

  45. Angie, thanks for the lovely welcome. Looking forward to the journey.

    Glad that this piece got you cracked up.




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