Friday 21 November 2008

Allowing pain to wash over and drown you

Pain is always seen by one as something negative which causes a llot of heartache, loneliness and a low feeling. It is definitely true that pain does cause all the above given sentiments and in addition to that there are also other things that pain causes. It causes a cathartic therapy within one's being. Pain is always seen in a negative light but little do we realise that the same pain which causes so many ebbings of neagativity makes us something hard to break. it is therefore good for pain to envelope us, drown us and submerge us. We often get restless, cause ourselves misery and welcome sorrows with arms open wide little realising that all that we need to do is wait for the pain to get inside of us, break us and thereby shake us out of our comfort zonez. Now comfort zones are something very personal and subjective and every one of us possess atleast one such comfort zone. That is the point. We need to destroy one comfort zone and get out of it knowing fully well that we can come out of our comfort zone but alas! we form another comfort zone. Now what if that pain becomes our comfort zone. Well, it is the best comfort zone ever as pain subsumes us in sorrow, there is an internal cleansing going on. A washing machine effect that cleans, wrings and finally dries. The end result need not be written down to be found out. Experience pain and let me know the results.

Wecome pain, welcome loneliness for in that you can find out your self.


  1. In my experience it's a pain that helped to create something extraordinary. Guess creativity if high in emotions. But that doesn't mean that I love being in pain.

  2. Hmmm, I know. Pain does not last forever but still sometimes its in the present and the present has pain.

  3. I feel the reason most are unhappy with their lives, is because they are comfortable being that way (being in pain allows you to feel sorry for yourself,etc). So when you speak of a comfort zone, it certainly includes pain of some sort always. However, I'm not too sure it's like a cleansing process. You never know what may happen if you're too comfortable being that way!

  4. Right DG, you never know what will happen but life is like that don't you think? You never know what is going to happen.

  5. I can so relate to everything you said in this post, Susan. I am no stranger to pain... and I often plunge into it gladly because I realize that it is only through understanding our pain that we become more self-aware and grow.

    As I told you earlier, I will be visiting some of your earlier posts, Susan. There is a kind of padded quality to the voice of our earlier pieces, I think. They are there, but hiding. It is nice to open them up to the light, every once in a while. And it will be my pleasure to visit...


  6. Nevine:

    One of my earlier posts where the posts were more like a journal entry when something affected me personally. Self-awareness and growth come after the pain has passed away but when one is in there, it is the most miserable time.
    Yes, Nevine, you have seen it right. All these posts have the outbursts of a certain pain that was swelling within me. It was something I didn't expect and writing these posts at that time gave me solace and comfort. I used to chronicle all those emotions here albeit without saying what the pain was. Not many read my posts those days so it provided a greater escapism. Nevertheless it was a different time but now comments and insights are somethings I eagerly await. Nothing is forever, anyway. Life goes on.

    You don't know how nice I feel when I know that you have read all these posts. It creates a special bonding of love and familiarity. And I am glad it is you!

    Joy always, dear Nevine.



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